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Congratulations to John and his team on the opening of their new clinic. John has been a wonderful help to us and to our whole team in Ballydoyle and we look forward to continuing to work with him in the coming months and years.

Aidan O’Brien, Ballydoyle Stables

I have had the pleasure of working with John Butler and his team at John Butler Sports Therapy for over 10 years in my role as Turf Club/I.H.R.B. Senior Medical Officer until 2018. I have continued to work with John as an I.H.R.B. Medical Officer since then. John and his team bring enormous skill, commitment and dedication to their work. This is borne out in the demand for his care by our riders and their speedy return to the saddle following his care. I look forward to long fruitful relationship with him into the future.

Dr. Adrian Mc Goldrick, Senior Medical Officer, Turf Club/I.H.R.B. 2007-2018

” I have known John in a fellow health professional capacity since March 2012.  During this time I have always found him to be extremely professional and my own experience of his practice is that his treatment and referral protocols are of the highest standard.  He has a very caring attitude towards his clients and it is clear from talking to them that they also hold him in the highest regard.”

Stephen Allerton, Senior Orthotist  Allmed Healthcare Ltd

“John is a fantastic therapist.  He gets straight to the heart of the matter with no time-wasting fluffing around. He is forthright, professional and very thorough. If you are looking for a top quality injury treatment or deep tissue massage then John is the man to go to.”

Bojana Novakovic, Hollywood Actress

Two weeks before the yearly family challenge, the Auray-Vannes Half Marathon (http://www.aurayvannes.com/)  in France, I hurt my knee during a training session. I thought initially that the pain would go away so I was not really concerned. Then the Sunday prior to D day after a small run I felt in my knee agaom. This time I really thought that my chances of competing (family challenge = competition I’m afraid) were over.  On the Monday  I phoned John‘s clinic to see if he could have a look at my knee that day as I was leaving Galway the following morning. Even with his busy schedule he did find the time to see me. I had never been to a physio until now so  you cannot imagine my surprise when he started to manipulate my knee (few French cursing words came out). However John worked absolute miracles and  I was able to run and finish the race.Thank you. 

Laurence Perrigue, (Runner)

“John is one of the most professional people I have dealt with and is a magnificent therapist. You only just have to walk into his rooms and he can tell you what is wrong with you and if you follow what he says you will get better very fast. I hate it when he suggests I go into the Cryo bath, but my goodness is it worth it, it give you a great feeling and certainly helps with your pains. Good luck to you John in your wonderful profession

Johanna Downes, Retired Clinical Nurse Manager

“I have recommended John Butler on numerous occasions as I believe the service he offers is first class. He is professional and thorough and I trust his judgement completely. John has helped me through any injuries I’ve had but I am positive he has helped me avoid many more through maintenance. Thank you John.

Eileen Sweney, Galwaly Triathlon Club

“I have been seeing John Butler for many years now. John really understands the body and sport and how it all works together. He knows how to properly treat and manage my injuries. John focuses not only on treating the condition but is also focused on fixing it long term. He makes a comprehensive assessment of the problem and has a wealth of knowledge in treating and preventing reoccurrence. He gives simple exercises and routines that help. Also all of the up to date and sophisticated equipment at the facility really helps the treatments. John is always helpful and accommodating and always a good laugh. He has an excellent rapport with local GP’s and consultants so can use this to help get referrals to the right person if further medical action is required. Thanks John and team for all the years or fixing problems for me.

Alan Fair,Operations Manager, Controlled Environments Company, Galway

“I first attended John’s clinic after he gave an engaging talk to members of the Galway Triathlon Club. I found that John has good attention to detail with specific problems and injuries. He also evaluates the person as a whole regarding treatment and maintenance. He devised a personal exercise and stretch programme. The cryotherapy pool, although breath-taking, reduces any tenderness post treatment. I have included treatments as part of a maintenance plan while training and have remained injury free.

Anna Marie O’Connell, Galway Triathlon Club

“I first was introduced to John Butler by a work colleague when I moved to Galway in 2007.  I had being doing Triathlon for 8 years at that stage and the niggles were beginning to start…”your not getting any younger”! john likes to remind me every now and then! John has given me an appreciation of the limits I can go to.  He gets me inshape at the start of the season, helps maintain the limbs during the season and most importantly when I am at the end of the season and barely
holding it together he will get me through the last challenge physically and mentally!

I recall John fitting me in on a Saturday morning 2 years ago.  It was October and the Galway Bay half marathon was on.  I had a long triathlon season behind me but wanted to join all my running pals for one last hurrah. When I got on the table, John acknowledged that the body was tired and aching but instead of discouraging me, he strapped me up, back and hamstrings in the now infamous “John butler tape” and told he to go out and give it my best shot and stop moaning and text him the details of my PB…. I thought to myself well if John thinks I can pull out a good time no reason why not and I got my PB!

John’s greatest strength is that he understands how much we want to race after putting in the work, so if an issue arises he will do everything in his power to get you to the start line and then tell you take the rest after!  He has got me through many a tough time when injury strikes at the wrong time and I am forever grateful to him for that.”

Chris Burke, Galway Triathlon Club

“What I like about John Butler is his professional no nonsense approach to getting me back to 100% fitness.  I have been going to John since 2003 with a range of injuries and he is the first person I will call when I encounter an issue.   I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending John to anyone.

Dave Day, Powerlifter

“My Name is Helen Corbett, a runner and a member of GCH, since July 2010, and a client of “John Butler Sports Injury Therapy“ for the past three years. I highly recommend this practise.  I’ve paid many a visit due to injury, and  have always received a quick diagnosis & treatment with the utmost professional service……And when I am  injured and ring in a panic, there’s always  an appointment made available A.S.A.P….even though on the odd occasion  it has just turned out to be a mere cramp!!!

Outside of injuries, regular massages and cyrotherapy keep my muscles in good shape, and when I have been overdoing it, it never goes un-noticed and on occasion, many an early strain has been detected , and injury has been avoided with a recommended  few days’ rest.

I don’t know what else to add, other than it’s the one stop shop for injury prevention and cure!!!!!!

Helen Corbett, G.A.C

“When I first visit Johns clinic it was on my  brothers recommendation, I was very overweight, had back pain/spasm’s due to my weight & so much sitting between work and college. I was the last person you would expect to find in a sports injury clinic. From the first visit Johns “no nonsense” attitude, sorted my back problems and then he progressed to working with me on an exercise plan and spent a lot of time finding/getting the right information about diet etc. 8 weeks later I was 20lbs lighter and fitter than I had been in years. John went out of his way to find me support to continue training and approximately 8 months after that first visit I am hooked on the buzz of training and nearly 6 stone lighter and actually enjoying the process. John moved me so far out of my previous comfort zone that I can never go back to my old lifestyle, along with giving the tools to build the confidence that you can do it! I still visit for a maintenance sessions now that I am the type of person that does not look out of place in a sports injury clinic. I couldn’t recommend the clinic highly enough regardless of whether you are ultra-athletic or a non- sports fanatic.

Martha Folan, Spartan Challanger, Galway

After months of trying to let an injury heal by itself, resting, then running and re-injuring, resting, running and then reinjuring, my calf felt in shreds by the time I heard about John. After three sessions with him, he has it feeling good as new. Great result, great facilities and great advice on avoiding injuries in the future. Thanks John.

Pádraig Doyle, Runner