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Tennis or Golfers Elbow Galway


Tennis and Golfers elbow are conditions caused by tendonitis of the tendons of the elbow. As described earlier, tendons connect muscles to bones and become inflamed when they are put under severe stress causing the tendon to become irritable and inflamed. Tennis elbow or “lateral epicondylitis” is damage to the outer tendon on the lateral aspect of the elbow, while Golfers elbow or “medial epicondylitis” is damage to the inner or medial tendon of the elbow. Tendonitis of these tendons can occur after an increase in activity using your elbow, or may be work related i.e continuously using your elbow in the same direction or due to aging. The symptoms that occur are pain, stiffness, swelling and very tender to touch. The physiotherapy treatment for these conditions involve ultrasound, massage, stretching and strengthening exercises, taping, joint mobilisation and advise on anti-inflammatories and education on decreasing the activity or force that irritated the tendon.

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